JazzAddict Scholarship Awards

At the completion of examinations, marks are collated to ascertain the top results for each grade.

Top Mark Award Winners (whether individual or joint winners) receive an examination scholarship to sit the next grade, “Highest Mark” certificate, “Top Mark Award” badge, and official recognition on our website.

Top Tier Award exam mark candidates (next 3 highest results after winner) receive a certificate, “Top Tier Award” badge, official recognition on our website.  If there are several students with the same mark in the Top Tier 3, then the number of Top Tier students may increase slightly beyond 3 recipients.  Students must achieve in the 90s to qualify for this award. 

The Solo Seal Top Mark Winner receives a “Highest Mark “ certificate, “Top Mark Award" badge, NZ$100 financial scholarship which is required to be used toward dance-related expenses/further dance education.